Health Care

My husband and I have built a community health care practice from one 700-square foot space to seven locations employing more than 140 people who treat more than 6,500 patients throughout North County San Diego.  As CFO, I’ve worked with patients and insurance companies and see the dramatic rise in the costs of healthcare because of Obamacare.  I support the complete repeal of Obamacare with a healthcare system that puts patients first, drives down costs, and eliminates the individual mandate.  Association health plans, insurers providing coverage across state lines, and 100% deductibility for healthcare expenses are just a few ways we can lower costs.


San Diego is fortunate to have a strong regional border in large part because we already have a wall in place.  However, there are still vulnerabilities that allow human and drug trafficking, and other criminal activities.  That is why it is important to enforce federal immigration laws, including opposition to so-called “sanctuary” laws being advocated by Sacramento politicians.  As elected leaders, we have an obligation to respect the law, whether we agree with it or not.  

Reform of our immigration system is critical to our national security as well as our regional economy.  San Diego’s life sciences and technology need more high-skilled workers and I support expanding H1B visas while we develop more STEM graduates in the U.S. to fill those jobs.


The GOP tax reform bill signed into law last year provides a $3,561 tax cut for the average middle-class family in the 49th District.  As CFO of my family’s small business, I learned first-hand the challenges of growing a business with unnecessarily high and complicated taxes and I strongly supported the tax reform bill.  I see the direct impact that our tax code has on families and small businesses and as a member of Congress, I will vote to make it permanent.  I support the repeal of the gas tax, which directly impacts every family in the 49th District, as well as the Cap & Trade Gas Tax, which will drive taxes up as high as 73 cents a gallon.

Veterans and Our Military

The 49th District is home to nearly 50,000 veterans and Camp Pendleton.  We have a proud military tradition and love the men and women who have committed their lives to protecting our freedoms.  As a member of Congress, I will always be a strong supporter of our Armed Forces and be their advocate so that they have the resources they need to defend our nation.  That support doesn’t stop when a soldier becomes a civilian – we have an obligation to support our veterans after their service and I will work to make sure those who suffer from PTSD have the treatment and counseling they need and that our VA hospitals provide the best care possible.  

I have been active in programs that help veterans transition back to civilian life, serving on the Advisory Boards of Workshops for Warriors, Zero8Hundred, and North County Stand Down.  I’ve also prioritized funding for Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station, American Legion, Courage to Call, Support the Enlisted Project (STEP), and Armed Services YMCA.